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Hi Rachel - I’m also living and working in DC at the local level! Cool to see a fellow District resident working on some of the same issues.


Hi! I’m Allison Bailey (she/her), Research Data Scientist with The Natural Capital Project (aka NatCap) at Stanford, but physically located in the beautiful Northwest of the United States. (Seattle). I come to this work with a focus marine and coastal ecosystems and experience applying geospatial technologies (GIS, remote sensing) to scientific questions

I work with mostly natural and social scientists to highlight and demonstrate the value of nature (ecosystem services) in order to promote stronger policies and better management of our “natural capital.” We work all over the world at a broad range of scales from global, to very local. Some projects engage with local communities to share our work and gather data and information from them. Our group is interested in avoiding “helicopter science” and being more inclusive of local partners and making data and results accessible to all.

@Heather, I attended a seminar you gave at Stanford and really loved it. The material about how important the questions you ask and the lens you use to ask and answer those questions was really interesting and I shared it with my work team so we could discuss.

I love that this forum is here so we can exchange ideas, experiences and learn together!

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Hi @allisonb it’s so good to see you here! And thanks for your kind words :pray: :pray:
I haven’t heard the word helicopter science before - and I love it! Really looking forward to learning more about the NatCap project.

Here are a couple brief articles about helicopter or parachute science

Meaningful collaborations can end ‘helicopter research’

  • Your name: Manning
  • Location: Waltham, MA
  • Sector/area of work: PhD in sociology and social policy
  • Company: Brandeis University
  • Hi everyone! I am a current PhD student looking for internship opportunity in the field of design. And I am so happy to make connections! Here is my LinkedIn Page: Please feel free to say hi!

Hey @ManningZ great to have you here! When you say the field of design, do you mean graphic design or another kind of design?

Hi all! I’m Hannah Eli (she/her), Policy and Data Analyst with the Mayor’s Office of Racial Equity in Washington, DC. I come to this work with a background in civic tech and sociology.

My main project right now is our inaugural Racial Equity Data Standards Pilot Project - we’ve convened four agencies across District government to assess and improve the way they collect, explain, analyze, and share data on race and ethnicity in the District, with the goal of improving our ability to see and correct disparities by race and ethnicity while balancing administrative burden, privacy, and stigma concerns from residents.

We’re in the planning phase for our community engagement right now, and will eventually release a guidebook and technical resources along the same lines as San Francisco’s Standards and Oregon’s REAL + D guides.

Always happy to chat local government data, meaningful community engagement on data questions, and data collaboratives.

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Hi Heather,

Thanks for replying. I am mainly referring to UX design and service design. My major focus is in primary care and general health care industry. I seek to use the lens of culture to understand health issues. Happy to talk more!


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Awesome Hannah! Would like to chat if possible. My email address is Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to connect. Best, Manning

Shauna Brooks (she/her)
Knoxville, TN
Behavioral Health Quality Improvement
Looking to develop knowledge and skills that I can share with others in my organization and community and to be part of this movement.


Hi all! I am Sadie Durant (she/they) from Portland Oregon. I work as a data analyst in healthcare and I want to incorporate principles of data equity into my daily work. I am a white married lesbian raising two young biracial children, and I am imperfect in all the ways. Hello!


Frayda Gonshor Cohen, Berkeley, CA. I work at Rosov Consulting doing research and evaluation in the Jewish community. We are continually working to develop more inclusive and equitable approaches to our work! Inspired by what i have already learned here and excited to be part of this community of practice.


Hi I am Artrese Morrison from the San Francisco Bay Area I work for Health Leads and org that partner swith communities and health systems to address​ systemic causes of inequity and disease. We do this by removing barriers that keep people from identifying, accessing, and choosing the resources everyone needs to be healthy.​ I have really enjoyed the BootCamp this week!


Hello Everyone, My name is Misha Taherbhai. I am a Data Management Analyst with Alameda County Public Health Department’s Maternal Paternal Child Adolescent Health Unit in San Leandro, CA. Equity is a part of everything we do, and would like to learn more how it can be part of our data/ M&E too.



My name is Caitlyn. I am in Salt Lake City, Utah. I work in Diabetes and Heart Disease as an Epidemiologist and Evaluator at the Utah Department of Health and Human Services. I just want to learn more about data equity and how I can be better at including equity in my work.


Hello. My name is Tara and I live in the Bay Area. I work in reentry services for a county probation agency (criminal justice reform). I have a ton of curiosity and a little bit of knowledge. Hoping to expand the parameters of both. Grateful to all who contribute here!