Category Topics


Ask your questions here! Questions can range from “Which sexual orientation categories should we include in our survey?” to “How do I add an emoji to my post?”. Questions can be addressed to We All Count staff, founder Heather Krause, or to the entire community. No question is too basic or too complex.


Post your upcoming events, talks, workshops, galas, and parties here!

Show & Tell

This is where our community can share and respond to ideas, happenings and news from a data equity lens. If you happen across something you would describe as “cool”, “inspiring”, “infuriating”, or “tragic”, this is probably the place for it.

Jobs & Opportunities

Jobs, positions, opportunities, collaborations, products, etc., related to data equity can be submitted here.

Problem Solving

Post your data equity problems here so that our team and our community can provide some solutions. No problem is too large or small to be discussed!


Share useful tools, books, links, papers, and anything else that could help out your fellow data equity champions OR describe a resource you are looking for and can’t find. Resources should be free to access.

Group Therapy

Share data equity stories and experiences with like-minded peers and get some affirmation, support, or just good ol’ non-judgemental listening.