Introduce Yourself!

Hi all! I’m Liz Norton, Director of Business Analysis at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and I hail from Central Virginia.

I’m excited about the creation of this forum! We All Count’s “How Not to Use Data Like a Racist” presentation really helped inform how I think about data and also how to communicate the complexities and trade-offs we’re making in a way that’s easily comprehensible to others outside the data space.

I look forward to learning more and hoping to help others with what I’ve learned so far!


Hi Pam! It’s so exciting to see you here! You’re in very good company and we look forward to your ideas!

@LizNorton! I’m so happy you are here! And I’m so excited to continue the conversation about trade-offs rather than pumping out “recipes” for one correct way! Yay :person_cartwheeling:t2:

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Hi, I’m Paula. I work at a small private college in Utah. I loved the Foundations of Date Equity workshop so I’m excited to be able to learn more on this forum. Thanks for providing it!


Hey all!

I will go by Jim Bird here (a pseudonym). I am a current student studying Data Science at a Big 10 University. I am currently interested in applying my major to some field that helps people, such as a nonprofit, police work, or something similar. I’ve been passionate about Data Equity for a long time, and it was one of the reasons I decided to go to this Big 10 university (they were one of the few in my area to require a Data Science ethics course).


Welcome @Pspencer,
There are a few higher education folk here (I’m at a public college in MD).

Hi, my name is Hannah (she/her) and I am currently a student studying policy. I don’t know a lot about data but have found resources posted at this site to be invaluable and I look forward to learning more.


Hello! My name is Jay Greene (they/them pronouns.) I am the Racial Equity Policy and Research Analyst for the State of Vermont Office of Racial Equity. I am working on developing some training materials for organizations in the Wabanaki Confederacy/Abenaki lands called Vermont (State/local government, nonprofit, academic, etc.) to address the current deficits in demographic data collection practices. This is such an exciting resource for me because even with my education and prior experience, I still feel out of my depth sometimes when people ask me for my advice. The message of “We All Count” feels very personal to me as a nonbinary person who is often left out of standard surveys that try to measure gender identity with a male/female binary option.

About me:
Education: B.A. Biology, Earlham College 2013 (go Quakers!)
Master of Public Health, University of Vermont 2021 (started at UC Berkeley School of Public Health in 2015)
Youth Health Equity Model of Practice fellow, NH Office of Health Equity 2019

My identities:
invisible disabilities


Hi @pspencer I am so excited to see you here! Thank you for your kind words on the Foundations of Data Equity workshop.

Hey @jimbi it’s awesome to hear that you are a student! So much of the work of data equity is related to education of people working in the data fields. Really looking forward to hearing your point of view.

Welcome @HannahT the more students in the forum the better! I am very interested in the intersection of data equity and public policy.

Hi there @Jay.Greene! I love your intro message! I feel like I’ve gotten to know so much about you. It is really amazing and wonderful that Vermont has an Office of Racial Equity.

Hi everyone, my name is Justin Reynolds and I live in Columbus, OH. I work in economic development/anchor strategies in the healthcare sector. I am the Program Manager for Impact and Analytics at the Healthcare Anchor Network.

Joining to learn more about data equity! Nice to e-meet everyone.

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Hi there @jdreynolds2356 so excited to have you here! The Healthcare Anchor Network :anchor: seems to be doing some innovative work. Looking forward to hearing more!

Hello from St. Louis, Missouri! My name is Margo Smith and I work as a consultant in the early childhood education space around curriculum, policy, data and so on - I have a background in journalism, especially visual journalism as well as in early education practice, policy and research. I love that this workshop and community are putting a framework and language around the work of making the work and narrative behind the data transparent so that it can be more inclusive and work toward equity. Data and words are NOT NEUTRAL. Thank you so much for all you do, everyone, and especially for this space, Heather and We All Count.

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:wave: Hey everyone! Amy here, Founding Director of Memo, a project whose official mission is to empower people to become good digital citizens. But less formally, our goal is to teach people how to Internet in a way that works for them. We work in both public education (B2C) and with companies looking to employ ethical tech practices (B2B). And we try to do it all in a jargon-less, non-boring, accessible way.

I’m admittedly the least technical person on my team of amazing technologists, but I am committed to using my own skills to amplify the information brilliant people like all of you work on every day.

I’m based in Toronto, Canada and always looking for like-minded folks to collaborate and share ideas with. So happy and grateful to be here :sparkles:


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Hi @msmith welcome! I’m so thrilled you’re here. What a fantastic eclectic background. We have a few journalism folks here and one of these days I hope to do a journalism-specific event as a group!

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Welcome @amy_vanes :star2: I’m always so excited to see folks from my home Toronto here! One of these days we’ll do some in person meet-ups. In the meantime, thank you so much for doing your excellent work.

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Thanks for having me here. Would 1000% come to a meet-up!

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Hello my name is Meies Matz and I live in NYC.
Currently I am the Equity in Data & Analytics Consultant at State of Oregon for the Department of Administrative Services in the Office of Governance & Transparency. But, I’m also a data storyteller who promotes a holistic approach to the data beyond the chosen variable points.
Currently trying to decide if I should parse out the workshops or go full on to boot camp…


Hi @Miri69 very good to see you here :smiling_face:

Lisa Purdy
Vancouver BC
Film & Television Research, Strategy, Policy
Notio Media Inc.
Bridging Statistics and Story

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Hi Pam, I am also located in Eden Prairie. I am looking for an accountability buddy to hold me accountable in applying the framework. I am wondering if you are interested in talking it more with me. Let me know.
This is me