Introduce Yourself!

Hi @Institute22 so happy to have you here! :person_cartwheeling:t2:

Hi y’all I’m Danica and I live in the greater Denver, Colorado area.

I work in People Analytics within the tech industry at Red Hat, and I particularly focus on employee listening, experience, and well-being.

I’ve been interested in learning more about how to center my analytics work in equity for over 5 years and have found We All Count to be pretty instrumental in moving from intention to action.

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Hi there @dshipley2 I am so excited to see you here! Thanks for introducing yourself :slight_smile:

Finally getting around to joining the community! Thanks for creating it Heather! I’m Elisabeth from Berkeley, CA. I work for RTI International as a research analyst in the Education practice area and was lucky enough to attend Heather’s training as part of RTI’s Equity-Centered Methodology Training. I work primarily on research and eval projects at the P-12 levels.

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Hi there @edhens great to see you here. We really enjoyed meeting you all at the RTI training.

Hi there! My name is Julie Eldridge, I am from Ottawa, Canada. I work in the Evaluation and Policy Re-Design branch of Indigenous Services Canada (federal government). I am interested in data equity as I work with marginalized communities and am struggling to apply OCAP principles to data provided to me through my evaluation work. Happy to have found this community!

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Helllooo @juliee I’m so excited to see you here. I would really love to hear more about the work of the Indigenous Services in Canada. Keep us posted!

My name is Joey McMahon and I am from Milwaukee, WI. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Zilber School of Public Health with my Master of Public Health in Public Health Policy and Administration. I currently work at the North Shore Health Department in Milwaukee County and I am interested in creating lasting policy changes that combat food insecurity, systemic racism, and historic redlining practices.

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Hi there @jmcmahon and welcome :slight_smile:

The Zilber School is such an excellent school! Congratulations. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the intersectional impact of redlining and racism (which, I know are kind of synonymous!) and food insecurity. Let me know if you have specific questions or resources!

Hi, my name is Raúl Martínez and I live in the Greater Sacramento Region. I work in the public sector, specifically for a health and human services department. I’ve tracked your important work for a while and am glad to be a part of this community. Could you let me know how I can view past data equity recordings? I’m looking forward to the next one!

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Hi @rmartinez! Welcome! You can view the Talking Data Equity recordings on this thread: Talking Data Equity with Heather Krause

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Super… thanks so much for this and for all your work!


Elissa Faro, Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine at the University of Iowa. I’m a medical anthropologist, and through the lens of reproductive justice my research uses implementation science to improve equity in women and children’s health outcomes in the low resource settings in the US and in low- and middle-income countries.

The two workshops have been so helpful and accessible not only in my own research but as I develop partnerships with other public and research institutions. I’m really looking forward to the new course!


Hi there @elissafaro wow - a medical anthropologist! That’s so cool. That sounds like something I’d love to learn more about. Really looking forward to learning more about how you’re applying data in those settings.

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Sandy Sheppard, Buffalo, NY; social work researcher and Senior Evaluation Associate with CCNY []. I’ve always been concerned about equity and found the most powerful tools for getting to it through asset-based community development concepts (John McKnight, John Kretzman) and now the field has expanded with so much compassion, insight, and reckoning with the truth… it’s still an uphill push but so many of us are innovating better means and tools. I’m excited to learn what y’all are doing! I’ve already learned about Ologies podcasts!


Hello all!
Connor Nowalk
Kansas City, MO
I am on the Evaluation team at the Kauffman Foundation
Excited to be a part of the community!


Ken Rencher, Washington County OR, I lead a team of GIS professionals that support our long-range land use and transportation planning efforts. I also am working to help our organization reach our equity goals.

Matt Hillard
Boston, MA
Nonprofit Consulting
Project Evident
I’m very excited to learn how I can be of best support of our clients and our own organization when it comes to all things data equity

Hola/ Hi Everyone!

Name: Eva Maria Chavez
Location: Los Angeles (boyle heights)
Organization: Independent Consultant work with youth development, education, public health organizations
I love unlearning and learning from others!