Help Finding Vendors for Spanish-Speaking Participants


I am trying to find a vendor that can recruit pregnant/recently pregnant/planning to be pregnant Spanish speakers for a text-based focus group. Since we will be showing materials in Spanish, we need recruits that will actually participate in the focus group in Spanish. We don’t need a lot, just 6-8 in total and they need to be from across the US. I have reached out to several vendors but they said the could not commit to getting any (!?!?) Spanish speakers that would actually participate in the focus group in Spanish. They have said they have exclusively Spanish language panels that they work with but none of them touch this sort of specialized audience. This seems ludicrous to me, but maybe this is a normal issue?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a vendor that could help. Thanks!

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Hi @Alida great question. I’m wondering if @Bruno might have a connection who could help with this?

Hello @Alida I may know someone. They would want to know specifically what is being studied, who is conducting the facilitation of the group, before deciding whether they can support your request. They don’t normally do this outside of their own work yet @Heather is someone very important to them and us so with more information I can reach out and perhaps put you in touch. Best wishes, Bruno

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Thanks so much @Bruno! @Alida - send me a private email at and we’ll figure out next steps together.