Georgia Tech Students Looking for Guidance

Hi! My name is Apuroop, I’m a senior at Georgia Tech, studying computer engineering. My friends and I are researching the use of graph theory to model the intersectionality of social issues, and we’re trying to explore the best ways to model data and issues properly. My team and I are particularly interested in understanding and visualizing intersectionality theory using graphs and wish to explore how to convey this information meaningfully to others, as well as how we could leverage algorithms to identify dependencies and cycles. We thought that this might be a good group to discuss with and/or hop on some calls with. As we’re based in Atlanta, we’re starting by looking into the very intersectional issue of Cop City and trying to model it.

Please let us know if you have any advice or are willing to hop on a call with us!

Thank you,

Hi Apuroop,
A colleague of mine from the Systems Science program at Portland State University (Portland, Oregon) has explored equity research using graph theory methods. I would love to put you in touch. Feel free to email me at and I can make an introduction.
Andey Nunes-Brewster
Data Equity Research Analyst
Health Policy and Analytics Division
Office of Health IT & Analytics Infrastructure

Data Feminism is a great resource for this - the book is free online or you can purchase