Towards Human-Centric AI

Hi all,

I am hosting a workshop called “Towards Human-Centric AI” in November. The purpose of the workshop is to dig deeper into understanding what makes algorithms and AI inclusive and equitable for our communities. We need product agnostic, algorithm agnostic, and certification agnostic space to truly engage into whether or not we are doing good with our AI.

It is created with accessibility and financial inclusion in mind - so it is designed for 3-hours only (so you don’t have to create time for multi-day training on AI until you are ready to make such commitment in your work-life) and it is based on social equity discount concept (i.e., you choose your discount code based on your lived experiences). I also have limited promotional offer running currently.

Check out the link and reach out if you have any questions.
Link to the workshop

Please don’t hesitate to share in your network if it feels right.

With care.