Templates for Demographic Surveys (international)

Hello there! My name is Robin Sokoloski. I am the Director of Mass Culture (www.massculture.ca), but I also sit on the steering committee for the International Cultural Research Network. I am organizing a workshop for CRN on demographic surveys and I’m wondering if anyone could share an example of a demographic survey from outside of North America with me as we will be using these examples to analyze what is “good” about them. If you have something to share send me an email at robin@massculture.ca THANK YOU.

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Hi @Robin! It’s great to see you here! I really enjoyed our previous connections.

Collecting demographic data on a global scale is a really great topic. It’s such a great idea to share examples of surveys that do this outside of one’s home country. It really helps folks understand how subjective and world-building each set of demographic questions are.

I will start adding some here and I’m sure others will jump in.

The Demographic Health Surveys have been conducted globally for many years and they share their survey questions publicly. It is quite interesting to watch their demographic questions change over time. (Link:The DHS Program - DHS Model Questionnaire - Phase 8 (English, French))

Here is a list of some of the demographic data questions in surveys in the UK, which are going through quite a transformation at the moment (Link: Ethnic group, national identity and religion - Office for National Statistics)

The gender options in certain surveys in India have long been non-binary (Link:India Census Offers Three Gender Options | Pew Research Center)

One of my personal favourite examples is the Afrobarometer which has a great set of demographic questions that focus on the social identities that are salient in different countries in Africa. (Link:https://afrobarometer.org/)


OMG! Thanks SO much Heather. This is tremendous.

Side note: This forum is really well designed. You can tell a lot of consideration went into it.


Thank you so much for your kind words @Robin we are working really hard to try to create a useful and user friendly resource here :smiling_face: