Talking Data Equity with Heather Krause

Talking Data Equity with Kelsie Acton: Plain Language and Disability Justice

Video here:

Here are the slides from the Colorado Immersion Training team

TDE Colorado Immersion Training in CE ver. 8.4.23 _Final for distribution.pdf (1.4 MB)

Here are the resources Leslie shared during the talk:

Partnership of Academicians and Communities for Translation (PACT) - community & academic governing body for CCTSI Community Engagement and Health Equity Core (includes CRLs – scroll down page for bios)

CCTSI/PACT Colorado Immersion Training in Community Engagement

CIT 10 Year Report


Colorado Immersion Training in Community Engagement: Because You Can’t Study What You Don’t Know – early CIT publication

2023 CIT Flyer

All these can be found here:

Here are the Colorado slides

Here are the links to the Colorado Resources:

Talking Data Equity with Dr. Kari L. Jordan

Talking Data Equity with Lauren Young from Beloved Community

Here’s the link to the main toolkit from Beloved Community

Talking Data Equity with Dr. Chelsea Barabas

Talking Data Equity with Michael Sholinbeck

And here are the slides with the book recommendations and the resource links

Here is the direct link to the step by step walk through of data that Michael showed us:

Talking Data Equity Health Stats Step-By-Step 092923 - Google Docs

Talking Data Equity Video on Data Biographies

Here’s the link to the blank Data Biography template

We All Count Data Biography 2023 Template Detailed - Google Sheets

Talking Data Equity with Kevin Guyan, on Queer Data

And here are Kevin’s slides

Queer Data - Talking Data.pdf (1.5 MB)

Talking Data Equity with Gladys Rowe

Additional Resources:
Indigenous evaluation podcast -

Winnipeg Boldness Project website -

Indigenous evaluation bundle - Na-gah mo Waasbishkizi Ojijaak Bimise Keetwaatino: Singing White Crane Flying North | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Roots and Relations section of the CJPE -

Indigenous Innovation Initiative Resources - Resources

Young People Know Podcast – Sam Bird - EleV Podcasts - Mastercard Foundation

Stories of Decolonization Film Project -

Living in Indigenous Sovereignty Book - Living in Indigenous Sovereignty – Fernwood Publishing

Talking Data Equity with Dr. Wendy Castillo

Talking Data Equity with Amanda Heidt