Talking Data Equity with Heather Krause

Here is the Ask Me Anything Talking Data Equity video link :grinning:

We had an excellent talk about p-values, group size, null vs nil hypothesis and all the rest! Watch the video here:


So how do we address the issue of small group sizes? As in your example on pay equity, often the group that is experiencing inequities is the smaller group.


Hey @Stacey this is indeed the fundamental question. How to deal with the situation of small group sizes is going, as always, to depend on the specific of the question you’re trying to answer with the data.

However, bottom line in terms of p-values and small group sizes is that we really cannot use p-value as the only criteria to decide if a difference between two groups “is real” or “matters”. It’s just not possible to do it this way if we’re trying to embed equity in the work.

As you say, a lot of the time, the smaller group is experiencing inequities and to then put an even higher “burden of proof” on this small group for us to thing that the difference matters is really doubling down on the problem our data project is likely to address.

One alternative is to use the actual size of the difference (sometimes called the effect size) as the criterion.


Data Amnesty! The September 9th episode of Talking Data Equity was a data amnesty version. This is when Heather hosts and you can anonymously submit questions you feel are “silly” or “embarrassing” or “too beginning.” (They are not :slight_smile: )

Here is the recording

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Hey there! We’ve posted many of the resources from this talk in the “Resources” section of the forum. Here are some of the direct links and you can find all of them (and add more!) over in that section :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Here is the recording from the Talking Data Equity on Bayesian Analysis and Equity

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Hi All! You can find many different guides, examples, etc on Bayesian analysis over in our “Resources” section of this forum. Here are a few links:

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