Suggestions for MEL partner?

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is looking for a qualified organization with expertise in measurement, evaluation, and learning (MEL) to partner with IHI and the AMA on the Rise to Health Coalition. We are specifically seeking a MEL partner with commitment and experience in equitable evaluation practices. If you are interested in receiving the RFP for this work or know of an organization that may be a good fit, please holler! I’ll take recommendations here through Friday 3/3. Thank you!

-Chelsey Leruth
Director, Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning, IHI

Hi! I’d like to nominate the Center for Data Management and Translational Research at the Michigan Public Health Institute as a potential fit. I’d love to get a look at the RFP and pass it along.

Hello! I know I missed the deadline for this opportunity, but my firm MXM Research Group has a focus on both equitable evaluation and coalition evaluation. I would love to connect about future opportunities! You can read more about us here:


Thanks @MDASH Do you have a contact email?

Thanks @susanp do you have a contact email?


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Sure! It’s

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