Social Change and Emergence

Hi, I’m involved with various ‘systems change’ efforts in various places. I really appreciated the first paragraph of the link to the founder of BIF, though I myself have not used their business model exploration/construction tools and methods, I do really think the posted article captures well some of the challenges of doing this work, so well encapsulated in the first paragraph: “Social systems challenges require social systems solutions. But because our heads explode at the thought of transforming an entire dynamic social system we keep developing point solutions in the hope that our magic bullet of choice (new law, technology, product, service, or even more money), dropped into today’s social systems, is the one right lever to nudge the system to its transformational tipping point. It rarely works. There’s just no controlling for all the independent variables in any complex adaptive system. This explains why ‘evidence-based’ point solutions almost always disappoint when the goal is social systems change. We can’t analyze our way to social system transformation, it’s a generative act. We have to design for its emergence.” Here’s the link to the source:

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