Seeking resources re: principles for data collection

I work at the Colorado Dept. of Health, and our team is putting together a list of principles of data collection as part of an internal demographic data justice guidance document, mostly for state level public health surveillance systems. We would like to gather similar resources for inspiration. I’ve attached an example.
Principles for Using Public Health Data to Drive Equity.pdf (327.2 KB)


Hi, perhaps of interest are the Data Ethics Toolkit and the Data Ethics Guidebook:
Data Ethics Project: Cultivating an Ethical Mindset in Research & Evaluation - Informing Change.
Disclaimer: I’ve browsed these resources but haven’t actually used them in any major way (yet!).


We’re starting similar work at within a workgroup at Hennepin County Public Health. I’d love to learn about how others have approached this and the scope of their guidance.

In poking around, I came across this really interesting article: Data for Equity: Creating an Antiracist, Intersectional Approach to Data in a Local Health Department.. I emailed the author to learn more, but evidently they are no longer at the health department.


We’re beginning this work for our organization as well, so I’m excited to see the materials people have!