Revisions to race & ethnicity at federal level (USA)

Hi there,
There have been some interesting discussions in the forum lately on race & ethnicity and I want to thank everyone that’s contributed so far - I find the conversations super useful to bring back to my organization as we decide how to handle similar situations.

But also! The US finally has updated guidance around collecting and reporting race & ethnicity. The Federal Register directive has a TON more detail but the press release summarizes it nicely.
[OMB Publishes Revisions to Statistical Policy Directive No. 15: Standards for Maintaining, Collecting, and Presenting Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity | OMB | The White House](OMB Published Revisions to Statistical Policy Directive No 15)
Working for an org that reports/rolls up data to a federal level, I’m glad we have updated minimum standards we can look to.


Very helpful–thank you for sharing!


Thanks for sharing. I work with small-medium nonprofits and municipalities and am trying to wrap my head around the impacts of this for them in the world of health equity. Surely as this is implemented at the federal level we will have more informative data about SDOH & outcomes by race/ethnicity. My understanding is that this action doesn’t mandate state-level Medicaid offices to act differently though many may choose to. Any thoughts on the impact on health equity at the local level?