Resources to embed data equity in research and analysis

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My team and I are looking for ways that we can embed equity in our decision making processes when working with data. For example, when setting a goal for a measure of population health, we want to make sure we consider equity when choosing a goal-setting methodology (e.g., from among the Healthy People 2030 target setting methods). Ideally, we would like to incorporate something like a rubric or checklist that will ensure we’ve taken various equity concerns into consideration before making a decision, but I am having trouble finding a resource for that. If anyone knows of a resource that might fit the bill, please share it. Thank you!


Hey @gwendobson great question! I think that the discussion you linked to from the Healthy People project does a very nice job of explaining many of the options. Another very good resource is the work on Targeted Universalism from john a. powell, Stephen Menendian, Wendy Ake and the Othering and Belonging Institute.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring that a set of goals or targets is equitable is to pay attention not to the content of the goal but in the power dynamics that go into setting the goal. Who gets to decide what the goal/target is set at is often where the most important equity issues live. I would recommend as a first step making a quick Motivation Touchstone for the goal - including whose values and lived experience you’re hoping to center and getting very clear on the operational definitions that are being used.

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Thank you so much, Heather! I’ll take a look at the Targeted Universalism and Motivation Touchstone resources you suggested :slight_smile:

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