Recommendations and resources for community co-authorship questions

Hello WAC brain trust,
One of the fun things I get to do in my position is provide feedback on data management plans that are part of federal grant applications.* Today I’m trying to locate resources for adding and acknowledging community members as coauthors and co-creators in research. This was mentioned during at least one of the recent Talking Data Equity calls but my notes on this are lacking. Does anyone have suggested resources on how to navigate these conversations and policies?
Thank you in advance!
(* yes, I do actually find this fun, usually)

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Hello fellow fun-in-DMPs person! :slight_smile: I reviewed DMPs as part of my prior role in the federal research world and I’m a fan of acknowledging community participation, expertise, and data ownership officially in research practices and products (especially in a data sovereignty conversation). I am not sure what exactly might be most helpful to you, but the NSF Arctic Program has been updating their guidelines and practices on working with indigenous communities in the context of federal research: Local and Indigenous Community Engagement, Resources for NSF-funded Researchers and Arctic Communities | NSF - National Science Foundation

The Principles doc linked in the page is higher level than DMPs, but might be a good place to start. For one more specific example, the Inuit Circumpolar Council developed protocols for researchers looking to work with Indigenous communities in the Arctic - Protocol 7 starting on page 27 outlines their perspective on data sharing, ownership, and permissions:

Hope this helps?!

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Thanks for the recommendations! These build on the other resources I’ve been collecting and absorbing. I know I read an anthropology article on this topic fairly recently but it looks like I did not bookmark it. One of the things I know we’ll need to navigate is how this intersects with approved IRB protocols - so that’s another area I’ll be investigating.

PS I recognize your name and work from RDA!


Oh my goodness, how cool you know RDA! In retrospect it makes sense, the Venn diagram of people who enjoy DMPs and RDA members is likely pretty close to a circle! :smiley: We haven’t met, have we??

Either way I’d love to hear where your community attribution journey takes you - I haven’t tackled community collaboration much yet in my current role but know I will get there eventually.