QuantCrit and Critical Disability Theory?

I’ve been thinking about Critical Disability Theory recently, and wondered if anybody in this group has conducted/read any research that applies this framework, particularly as it applies to quantitative research. QuantCrit is so helpful because it uses Critical Race Theory to strengthen quantitative analyses, and it would be fascinating to see how that framework could be expanded to address intersectionality and incorporate other critical theories.

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Hey there @EMaxfield I’m very interested in the area as well. I’ve been looking for someone to join Talking Data Equity to discuss exactly this. If you have suggestions, let me know!

Here are some links, of varying degrees of usefulness. If any are blocked for you, just let me know.

(I have the chapter on disability if you’d like to see it)

NYU Metro Community Convo: Disability Studies, Critical Race Theory (Discrit) & Dis/Ability Justice

Thank you, Heather! I would love to review the chapter, if you have it handy.

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Great. I’ll send it to you.

I haven’t necessarily conducted research in this area, but I was part of the Critical Disability Studies Collective at the University of Minnesota for many years and studied disability quantitatively (in addition to Demography). Most of the scholars I’ve met and the research I’ve read takes a qualitative approach, but this misses an opportunity to understand this perspective on a population level.

You could reach out to the CDSC to see if they know of quantitative CDS scholars.