Qualitative data training / course?

Hello everyone,
Has anyone taken a qualitative data training or course that you would recommend? I know there’s probably a broad spectrum of what that means - I’d love to hear about any that come to mind.

I work in local government on climate change and I’m hopeful that leveraging more qualitative data will help broaden our understanding of how climate change is impacting our community, what folks’ needs are, and how/if the City’s work is meeting those needs.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have!


Following! We recently got a HUGE mixed methods data set and are feeling overwhelmed with where to even start, so I am always interested in honing my skills.

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I 100% recommend Beth M. Duckles, Ph.D. Beth led qualitative workshops for a fellowship I participated in.

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I had asked this same question of another group and someone else shared this cool organization! They are just starting their summer intensive but it looks like they have several 1- and 2-day courses in the fall as well. ResearchTalk | Home