Problem with Foundations of Data Equity link

Hello - I attended the Foundations of Data Equity workshop in February, and I just went to rewatch some of the second day (Feb 4) but the link to the recording in the online course doesn’t seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong? I can see the recording for Feb 3…Thanks,


Hi Jane,

I think it would be under “Zoom Information” then " Recording: February 3, Part 1"


Yes, I found that spot, and I can access the February 3, Part 1 video, but the February 4, Part 2 link just reloads the same page - it doesn’t take me to the video.

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Oh, sorry! I read your question too quickly.
I had to copy and paste the link (instead of clicking on it) to make it work for the second day.

Ah that did it. Thanks!

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Weird that it doesn’t work when clicked. Way to figure it out! We’ll look into it. Thanks for helping out!

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