Past newsletter resource link

In a past WAC newsletter, there was a link to a blog from a researcher in Australia talking about the personal implications of the census’s poor demographic question structure for LGBTQ populations (despite that the government knows how to ask them properly). I couldn’t find this in my resources, could someone share the link?

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It was in the newsletter sent on Friday, August 13, 2021, but the link to the essay ( is no longer active and I can’t find it on the author’s (Danielle Navarro) site ( Maybe it’s titled something different now, but still in the collection?

Thank you for finding it and Danielle’s name! It was a powerful piece. I found this on twitter, so I’m guessing is why they pulled the blog.


Oh no :pensive: It’s sad to see/hear that this powerful, meaningful, and impactful piece caused Danielle harm.

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Agreed. :frowning: I hope Danielle knows how it was valued by many that read it, but completely understand the need to protect oneself online.

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