Looking for a Data Collection and Mapping Jobs

Hello! I’m looking for opportunities (even a freelance job) related to Research, Mapping and Data Collection.
My volunteering and work experiences have equipped me with a range of skills that would be valuable
for this position. For instance, as the Cairo team manager and current executive director of Rainbow
Egypt Organization, I have gained management and consulting skills. Additionally, through my
involvement in various research and monitoring projects, I have developed strong research skills in
documenting and monitoring violations against the LGBT community, women, and marginalized groups.
Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to work in social protection programs and research initiatives,
which have provided me with a solid foundation in mapping and analyzing social protection programs
and donors in the Arab region. As an intern at the Arab Reform Initiative, I was responsible for mapping
social protection programs and donors, conducting research interviews, and organizing events. I also
actively participated in social media campaigns for social protection.
As a freelance researcher at Safe Space for Women, I gained valuable experience in mapping and
documenting cases of violence against women. This role required meticulous research skills and a deep
understanding of the issues faced by women in vulnerable situations.
Moreover, my experience as a data researcher at Tadwein For Gender Studies has honed my skills in
data collection, data entry, data cleaning, and data analysis using tools such as Excel, Power BI, and
statistical software like R and SPSS. During this role, I successfully mapped online sexual harassment,
FGM, and femicide in Egypt.
To complement my practical experience, I have also invested in professional development through
relevant trainings. I completed a Fundraising and Monitoring & Evaluation course at CIVICUS, which has
enhanced my skills in fundraising and monitoring project outcomes.
Also I possess extensive experience in English to Arabic translation, having successfully translated
numerous proposals and reports for my organization with great proficiency and attention to detail.
In addition to my experience in research and monitoring, I am confident in my ability to support your
team in maintaining your database, editing case reports, and communicating with local organizations
and potential partners. Furthermore, I am experienced in managing and contributing to social media
channels and organizing public events. My skills in fundraising and writing grant applications, as well as
my knowledge in digital security and risk assessments, could also be valuable for the position.

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