Juvenile Justice Data Transparency in the US

Hi everyone! We are looking for resources that compare Michigan juvenile detention data to other states in the US (or even Canada!) to advocate for better practices in the facilities. This one is a great start: Juvenile justice services - JJGPS - Juvenile Justice, Geography, Policy, Practice & Statistics but it’s a bit outdated. Please let me know if you hear of anything else! Thank you!

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Hey @yvonnewiner great topic! Eager to see what work you’re doing.

We’re doing some work that is tangential to this in a different state and these are some of the resources we’re using - but I agree - so many of them are old! I have found that to find recent stuff, we need to go state by state, like this one and this one.
Department of Justice Youth Data Page
National Center for Juvenile Justice reports - they have them by state I believe
This kind of compendium from ICPSR National Juvenile Corrections Data

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for the resources, Heather! This is really helpful. I will check in with the non-profit I’m working with to see if we have any non-confidential memos that I could share with you.