Job Description on Equity and/or Inculusion in Research

Good evening,

I am writing to see if anyone has come across anyone in a role that employs education on methods and approaches to mitigating bias in research, specifically biomedical and clinical research. This is more of an educational role than an analytical role. Most of what I’ve seen that even comes close to this is in the business world. I would like to create a service model around concepts like the quantitative critical theory of research, culturally competent/equity-minded research, and inclusive research advocacy. I am looking for anyone doing anything that is similar. Unfortunately, I do not have the analytic skills, but rather a biomedical research background combined with extensive training in DEI, and a sincere desire to eliminate bias in research and educate on equity in healthcare and perspectives on race in research. This not would encompass all of the job duties, but would be embedded among other research and data services. If anyone knows of something like this, or would like to brainstorm the potential for services centered on this, please let me know.