Introduce Yourself!

Hi All–I’m excited to know abou this community and am looking forward to attending the Foundations of Data Equity course next week.

  • Stefanie Lopez (she/her)
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Sector/area of work: Social Services particularly financial stability, workforce development, and entrepreneurship
  • Agency: Christian Community Service Center
  • I facilitate our agency Continuous Quality Improvement team and lead outcomes measurement efforts for our financial stability programs. We serve many recent immigrants, monolingual Spanish speakers, and individuals who struggle with literacy. I am particularly interested in work around measuring the impact of workforce development, financial stability, coaching, and case management programs.
    I look forward to learning from all of you!
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Hi Heather and all other amazing people here,

I am Meena Das. I am based in the beautiful Vancouver, BC these days. I am a first gen immigrant, cis-gender woman from India. I am a nonprofit data and analytics consultant. I intend to build data, research and analytics practices of nonprofit with community-centered lens - grounded in equity and inclusion. So, I built my practice, NamasteData ( six months ago, after years of working in the tech and nonprofit.

I am thrilled to be joining this forum - every introduction, resource, conversation, question - everything gives me hope to continue pushing for equity in data. We cannot afford to treat this topic as a trend anymore, and, all the work happening here makes me believe none of us are alone in this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I’m Kelci! I lead learning and evaluation at The Colorado Health Foundation, here in Denver. I’m excited to have this space to learn with others as we continue deepening our focus on equity and racial justice in the work we do.


Hi Wendy - you should definitely meet up with COEN, they’re a great group! And if you’re interested, check out the Colorado Collaboratory on Equitable Evaluation, which is another local forum for evaluators interested in equity (we have a lot of member crossover between the two groups).

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Hello! My name is Alida and I am a social science researcher. For most of my career I have worked with companies to improve their DEI practices and methodologies, though right now I am focusing primarily on corporate communications research (a lot of which still focuses on equity). I am very interested in learning more about how we can improve the inclusiveness of our practices and methodologies, even when it’s not strictly related to DEI work. I am also interested in learning more about how we can help other see the importance of equity in data science, as that is often the biggest hurdle.


Hi I am Kelly. I currently reside in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan and I work in the field of gender and social inclusion in education and I am faculty at Nazarbayev University.

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Hi there :wave: My name is Taylor, I live and work on Lisjan Ohlone territory (Oakland, CA) at an evaluation, strategy, and capacity building firm called Public Profit that helps mission-driven organizations measure what matters. The principles of intersectional feminism and humanism shape my worldview and how I approach my work. I am a systems thinker constantly inspired by my community and energized by context-aware innovations. I look forward to learning from all of you in this portal! Cheers :sunglasses:

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@kellyrgrace it’s so exciting to see you here! The gender field is so essential to data equity work I’m glad we have some experts here in the forum!

So important to have folks from the arts world :art: :musical_note:here! Two hundred thousand attendees is so much data for an arts audience survey! Would love to hear more about how you’re using social identity data @Ben

@TaylorB! so happy you’re here. :person_cartwheeling:t2:

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@evaring I’m so grateful you’re here. I LOVE that name. :droplet: There’s a growing group of folks here working on food and public health. We’re gonna do some special interest drop-ins soon.

Most folks here are not data scientists @ckcd :slight_smile: And we’re all data people now. Your work on data models for donors sounds fascinating. We definitely have some other folks here working in your field.

Welcome @anoblesoul healthcare insurance is on the hottest leading edge of data equity. Really excited to connect with you.

@cthorn from MN! Would love to be able to see that tool if it’s still around. Such an essential piece of work. Thank you so much :pray:t2:.

Yes for sure there are a LOT of higher ed folks in the process of joining the forum. Maybe we’ll do some sector-specific events :smiling_face:


@mbopaiah so excited to have designers in the forum. And I :heart_eyes_cat:the name of your firm! We do a ton of pay equity work and have a little bit of an explainer about pay equity if this is a helpful resource to you. Looking forward to talking more.

@jneisler from Digital Promise! I’m such a fan of your work and yelped when I saw you here :exploding_head:. Welcome!!!

Welcome to @oftEducational really glad to have you and from such an important part of the USA. And glad to see you’ve already connected with your neighbour @jneisler

And to add to the Baltimore contingent welcome to @mcpopse! Really excited :person_cartwheeling:t2: to see so many museum and design folks here. :art:

Welcome to @wendyd the Colorado group is booming! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:Must be something in all that fresh air and clean water.


Hi Jessica @jdavison I really like the recently release United Way equity guidelines. Really looking forward to hearing more about what it’s like to operationalize them. :hammer_and_wrench:

@slopez welcome! It looks like our Texas contingent is growing too! That’s awesome because I really want to come visit you! :yum:

Warmest welcome to @meena and really like your practice. What a brilliant name. I totally agree that this work can be seen as a trend anymore. :chart_with_upwards_trend:Yay!

@kelci.p :slight_smile: so so so happy you’re here. We’re gonna need to make an actual forum badge for the Colorado contingent :heart_eyes_cat: :rofl:

Over the moon :full_moon_with_face: :first_quarter_moon_with_face:to see @alida join with a focus on corporate communications research. We do so much work in the corporate sector and really are looking to collaborate with others thinking about those specific needs and issues.

Thank you! I am looking forward to interacting and learning here!

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Hi I’m Alan,

I live in Wales, working in the charity sector in England as Head of Insight and Intelligence for Active Gloucestershire. Focusing on behaviour change and systems working to reduce the level of physical inactivity. I’m fascinated by how data can be shaped and shared, recently understanding more about the impact of how we put together data. Looking forward to learning more and connecting with others here.

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Good morning!
I’m Liz from Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago. I am the Senior Research Associate at Evanston Township High School. I have enjoyed many conversations through the Data Equity BBQs and am looking forward to more discussion and learning on this forum.


Hi Madeleine! I love what you said about the future of museums! We recently took a trip back home to Michigan to see family and I got to stop by the museum I grew up going to a bazillion school field trips to (Port Huron Museum - Carnegie Center) and they had done some incredible changes, including an entire section of Black history of the area (which is something I had never seen there before because everyone was always so focused on being Thomas Edison’s hometown :roll_eyes:)

It was so exciting to see that display (and displayed prominently by the children’s play space exhibit we went there to see!) I hope it means even the little bitty museums are being intentional about what it is they’re spotlighting and it makes me so excited to see what’s in the future.


Hi my name is Eric and I’m the Data Associate with the Office of Strategy and Learning at the Ford Foundation based in NYC. I’m looking forward to connecting and learning with you all on data equity!


Greetings all. I am Maria-Alicia Serrano and I’m the Senior Director of Insights at YMCA of the USA, the national resource office for YMCAs in the U.S. I’m excited to connect with everyone here.