Introduce Yourself!

Hey there @Kimberly and @meckman! Welcome to the forum. I’m really happy to see you.

@meckman, I am very very interesting in deepening our data equity work in areas that involve natural and biological science like the work that you’re doing. Please keep us updated on how it’s going and what tools might be useful to you!

@Kimberly - what important work you’re doing! I’m so glad to hear that Talking Data Equity on Fridays is useful to you. If you every have a specific topic or guest you’d like to see, just let me know. We’re always looking for new suggestions :slight_smile:

Carol Rozumalski, Seattle, WA. I am a Strategic Operations Advisor with the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and I am eager to discover ways to use data equity principles for enhancing how our department defines and reports successful outcomes with our community partners.

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Hello everyone! My name is Daisy Ramos and I’m in New York City. I work in health care, at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Data equity is extremely important to me, because it really can have a tremendous impact on how funds get distributed to underserved communities.

Hi, my name is Valentina, I’m a data analyst for NYC DOHMH. Here to learn more about data equity, after being very impressed with Heather’s workshop provided by the agency. I’ve worked with secondary data for most of my career, and looking forward to learning tools to ensure that my work with data is bias free.

Jo Johnson; Sandpoint, ID; State Public Health, Oregon Health Authority; Data Equity Program Manager. I am grateful for these classes and the direction and support to work through the application of the data feminism, data justice, and data equity principles. I am looking for ways and questions to ask in the operationalization of this, especially in the context of state government.

Hi All! Cassidy (she | they) in Minneapolis, MN. I am the Equity & Inclusion Officer at UCare, a non-profit community based health insurance provider. At this time my focus is all things capacity building including measuring our efforts, working with others to increase their data literacy, and finding new ways to show the so what/impact of our overall DEI and antiracism efforts

Deborah Good, Corvallis, OR, Oregon State University. I am the Research, Evaluation, and Assessment Coordinator for the OSU Extension Service Outdoor School program. I have been a fan of We All Count ever since a colleague at a former org attended the Foundations training and reported back, and I’m excited to finally attend this training myself.

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Hi folks! I’m Jeemin and based in NYC. Currently, I am the Data Policy Coordinator at Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF). We are the nation’s only pan-Asian children and families’ advocacy organization bringing together community-based organizations as well as youth and community allies to fight for equity for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs).

CACF is leading the way in data disaggregation work in NYC and NYS. We do this work by leading our Invisible No More campaign which hold our governments to collect accurate data and information - disaggregated data - about our diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Happy to be in this space and always happy to chat about data equity!

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Tara Craft
Arlington, Virginia / DC area
Knowledge Management / Gender Based Violence / International Development
Currently with Making Cents International

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Hi! I’m Hope from Cincinnati, Ohio. I work and volunteer in a few nonprofits, and I am joining after the data equity webinar hosted by Interact for Health yesterday.


Hi all! I’m Liz, a research assistant in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Massachusetts. My team is working on prospective cohort and intervention studies in Puerto Rico to examine risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and fill in gaps in US surveillance data. I’m excited to learn more from the community!

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Hello, a brief introduction:

  • I’m John Stark (yes, like Game of Thrones or Ironman)
  • Oakland, CA
  • I work in healthcare, am an RN, been clinical for 15 years, in Quality for 5.
  • I currently am employed at Alameda Health System, which brings me to We All Count.
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Hi everyone, my name is Andy Cho (they/them pronouns). I live and work in Portland, OR at Multnomah County Health Department’s Harm Reduction Program as a community health worker. I strive to make sure that our program is providing the highest level of service to the people of this county, specifically people who are using drugs.

I was working as a software quality assurance analyst for years before I started in this type of work. Part of my current job responsibilities in my role include being a liaison to the people who access our services, fellow front-line staff, developer team and data analyst to maintain/update our proprietary web-based software data collection system. I’m still very new to all things data, so I’m looking forward to learning from all of you!