Installing the We All Count Community Forum on an iOS or Android device

You can install the We All Count Community Forum as a ‘native’ looking progressive web app (PWA) on Android or iOS mobile devices. In fact, the Discourse forum platform prompts you to do this on many devices!

To get started, navigate to on your device, using Safari on iOS, or Chrome on Android.

Following the prompts

Every time you use the We All Count Community Forum on a new device, you’ll be prompted by a couple of messages like this:

Do you want live notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable Notifications

Following the ‘Enable Notifications’ link in the prompt will allow your device to send push notifications for new replies to your posts. On iOS you may also need to specifically turn on the ability to receive web app notifications.

Do you want to install the We All Count Community Forum on this device?

On Android you may instead see a banner which says “Install the We All Count Community Forum to Home Screen?” and following this will allow you to save the app to your home screen in the device. You can choose the place you want to save it, and thereafter tapping this app icon will bring you direct to the We All Count Community Forum.

Install the Apps Manually

If you missed those prompts, you can still install them manually:

Manually installing on Android

  • Open in Chrome browser on your Android device.
  • Select the :vertical_ellipsis: ‘three dots’ menu in the top right.
  • Choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ and follow the instructions to put the icon where you want it on your phone. The ‘app’ version is running the same code as the website, with exactly the same features, but it feels a little more ‘native’ because there is no web address bar.
  • When you run this installed app, Discourse will usually ask you at that point if you want native app notifications. Say yes to this and give permission in Android and you are done. You can also set this manually here: Enable Notifications

Manually Installing on iOS