If this forum could provide one thing to you, what would it be?

For the last five years, I’ve been asked for the same thing by hundreds of people: a shared, free, functional, and ad-free space for our diverse data equity community to gather. I imagine a forum to share stories, solve each other’s problems, and learn together. I want to revel in the data equity successes of our community members and face my own data equity struggles with their support.

But it’s not much of a community space if it’s only fulfilling my dreams (and I already get to direct We All Count for that :slight_smile: ), so I think this space really needs to come out of the needs and desires that you all have.

So, what’s the most important thing you need from your colleagues and friends in the data equity world? What would make this forum an indispensable data equity resource? What would make an impact for the people who would need it most? How can we create a forum that’s so freaking good that we print it off and start framing it on our walls? How can we use this forum to get free pizza :pizza:? Ok, maybe not that last one…

Click “reply” and let me know! :heart:

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Hi! I think my one thing might change as I spend more time with the data equity framework, but I would love to see a thread where people could post examples of how they were able to implement these practices so I can see it in the wild in the context of projects that are at different stages, especially projects that started without this lens and are now applying it midstream.


It is my great hope that this Forum becomes a place for just that. In the mean time we did just put out (on Feb 4) a few examples of people using some of the tools. Tools in the Wild! » We All Count It’s just a light overview of their processes and we’re developing some much more in-depth process stories with a couple of partners.

It’s always tricky sharing details of projects for privacy and intellectual property reasons. Also, the nature of the work is often correcting inequity, mistakes and even oppressive behaviours, so it can be a very vulnerable subject for people and individuals to share.

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