Graphic Design Resources

A major part of data equity is in how we design and communicate our information. Let’s share some resources that we use when designing our data reports, products, visualization, and more!

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Icons are such an important part of visual communication and unless you have the skills/budget to design your own, you often get stuck with default symbols that really, really reinforce a certain cultural and aesthetic preference and association.

Noun Project is doing amazing work broadening the options for icon choice and representation in this area.

Now, of course, I don’t want everything in the world to look like flat icons, but when we do use them, it’s nice to have a library where if you search “woman” it’s not only stick figures with skirts on… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a great resource!

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Thank you for sharing this great resource!

Thank you for sharing! – only low res is free

While their older icon packs are stereotypical the newer, often full color, icons portray more diverse people. The ability to recolor the icons, including the full color ones, in browser, lets you customize even more (hello skin tones!) which is great.

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Great idea, @Hans! Thank you :relaxed: I find it can also be hard to find images that offer breadth of representation, even with Creative Commons resources like Unsplash and Pexels.

I’ve been trying to collect targeted resources, and would love if anyone had more to share.

Some collections I’ve used are:


@Kate These are so great and free to boot!

If you put out most of your stuff in a PDF like we do, this is a great online tool to check it against various types of color vision preferences and abilities!

They also include a great list of other similar tools which I’ll repost here: