Funding Web processes across partners in a project

Hello, I’m using the Funding Web tool across a multi-partner project. We started by asking every individual to make their own, then have the individuals from the same partner organization share and roll-up (this is where we currently are), then we will proceed to a project-wide roll-up and use of the resulting web to seek equity increase if/where possible.

My question is based on the fact that when I look over the individual outcomes of the use of the tool, many people seem to have filled it out based on their aspirations for the project. It is my belief that the goal is to fill it out based on the realities (even if current) of the project and then use the outcome to identify and possibly work with inequities that are discovered.

So, is the process to fill out based on how you understand reality or to use your aspirational desires?


Great question! OK, so one amazing thing is that the process you are describing: having multiple people or teams or organizations across a project make their own Funding Webs and then comparing them is the very subject of our next Advanced Use of Funding Webs post coming out soon. It is so useful to see the differences in people’s perceived and assumed flows in money, power, and data.

The Funding Web tool really has two parts: drawing the project as it is, then imagining, negotiating, and even implementing changes towards what it could be. It sounds like some of the individuals in your project are skipping to the second part (and I get it, who wouldn’t want to!) but I think it might be more useful to get a super honest (if uncomfortable!) picture of the current power dynamics followed by a clear transition into a phase where you try to improve them.

The Funding Web often reveals glaringly obvious equity issues and some people may want to demonstrate that they recognize them and can identify a better way, but it’s best if that comes after a true reckoning with how things are now.

That’s very helpful. It seems aligned with my mental model anyway though I wanted to check in! Looking forward to the advanced use learnings too.