Full-time Researcher at New York University's Cash Transfer Lab

The Cash Transfer Lab at New York University is seeking a full-time quantitative Researcher. The mission of CTL is to build an evidence base regarding cash transfer policies (instances in which the government or other entities give individuals cash). We answer the fundamental questions of how cash transfer programs would transform American families, communities and economies, with the initial research endeavor focusing on an annual cash transfer policy in Alaska.

The Researcher will aid the team at the Cash Transfer Lab on research on Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend. For this focus, the model for CTL is a hub and spoke whereby the hub is an intellectual infrastructure that can support and lower the barrier to entry for research on substantive areas (the spokes). The first job of the Researcher is to maintain and add to this infrastructure, which consists of identifying and acquiring relevant data sets, supporting relationships with key stakeholders in Alaska and elsewhere, and developing resources on Alaska relevant to the case. Further information on the position and to apply can be found here. The salary for this role is $65,000.