Examples of Organizational Equity Audits (including RFPs, Scope of Work, Results, etc.)

Hi all,
I work for a foundation and we are looking to engage in an organizational equity audit in the coming year and are in the information-gathering stage of the process. Does anyone have any examples of results, scope of works, RFPs, suggested consultants, resources, etc. for equity audits that your organization has conducted and/or that you’ve encountered that you’d be open to sharing? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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I work for a community-based grantmaker, and we are currently wrapping up an “equitable grantmaking” review, which has entailed auditing our current grantmaking practices and trying to re-design our RFP and reporting/evaluation processes to better advance equity.
In terms of resources, I would recommend looking at both the Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity (https://racialequity.org/) and the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (https://www.equitableeval.org/)
Additionally, the Trust Based Philanthropy (TBP) Framework has been a catalyst for much conversation and reflection on my team:(https://www.trustbasedphilanthropy.org/)
TBP offers a set of tools and ideas that are useful for getting closer to equity in grantmaking. Also, the website has a ton of information and resources, and there are regular webinars and peer discussion/insight sharing groups that you can join through the TBP network!


Hi there! I work for a DEI consulting firm, and we provide internal equity audits. Our approach includes mixed methods data collection (survey, focus groups, targeted interviews) along with comprehensive internal resource, policy, and practice review. This has actually become one of the most in-demand service offerings, as organizations shift from the getting starting/foundational learning stage into more action/results-oriented DEI commitments. Let me know if you’d like to connect sometime to see if we are a fit for your project needs! kaitlin.desselle@strategicdi.com

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We recently did one and utilized this tool after doing some research into different options. https://systemexchange.org/application/files/2315/4327/2119/ABLe_EquityOrganizationalSelf-Assessment_F.pdf

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Hi Kaitlin, Thank you for this intro and detail around Strategic DI’s services and approach. I will definitely reach out if I have any questions after sharing with the team!

Hi there, I’m glad that your org especially a foundation is doing an org equity audit. I would like to recommend Groundwork Co-Creative they did great work on a project I was working with them in Atlanta Meet the Radical Nonprofit Consulting Experts at Groundwork Co-Creative — groundwork co-creative: Black-led nonprofit consulting