Examples of great diversity data reports

Hi all you great lot, I’m at a small charity with no budget so need to do the following all by myself, design and all.

I’m aware that there’s no gold standard in this and that it’s all very much down to our specific goals for the specific story we are telling, but as a visual learner, I just need some help and ideas picturing what it could look like. I’m following the Data Equity Framework!

We know what we want to use the data for in the next year, linking it to accounts to enable the analysis of progression and access to opportunities to see where issues lay. What this is, is the initial report to show what we collected.

I have the raw diversity data and now need to weave a narrative through it and get it to tell a story that helps colleagues to digest it.
Would so appreciate seeing some great examples of reports so I can see how you’ve told your story. Thanks so much in advance.

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@EmFell I know Washington Evaluators has a Evaluators without Borders program to match non-profits with volunteer to provide evaluation assistance. I now they’re always looking for non-profits, the deadline to fill out forms is May 15th though.
FAQ (EWB FAQ.docx - Google Docs)
Form (Evaluation Without Borders: Nonprofit Interest Form)
If you have questions about this event, please email programs@washingtonevaluators.org.

The Diversity Baseline Survey for the publishing industry is a good example as is the Workplace Equity Survey from the Coalition for Diversity & Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (see executive summary at the bottom of the page).

Hi @EmFell. Excellent question! I’ll amplify this and see if we can get folks to share. In the meantime, the Urban Institute and the Worldwide United Way often have good examples on their sites. Here’s a link to the Urban Institute “Do No Harm” guide which has a lot of great visuals.