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Hello everyone! I am working with a professor who, as part of a grant requirement, will be regranting some small chunks of money. We are trying to research and build a set of ethical guidelines so that in giving money away we are advancing equity and not reproducing power structures. I found the Equitable Evaluation Initiative from the Resources section on this site and have learned a lot from it. Does anyone have other resources they recommend or have expertise in this area they are willing to share? Thank you so much.

I know someone here in St. Louis who does work on equitable fundraising - I’m sure she’d have plenty to say about this, and maybe more resources to offer. See her consulting business here:

Wonderful! Thank you so much Jane. This is great. I’m excited to look into her website and blog. I appreciate you sharing this.

Hi @HannahT it’s so great to meet you here! :slight_smile:

I see you’ve already been pointed in some excellent directions. I would add two suggestions that (no surprise :stuck_out_tongue: ) come out of the Data Equity Framework.

The first would be to create a Funding Web for the regrants in order to understand exactly what power dynamics the regrants are embedding in them. This will give you a grounded and concrete idea of what power structures you might be reproducing. The second suggestion I have is to think carefully about the Data Relationships that might be set up as part of the regrant. This may or may not apply based on the types of regranting.

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Hey Hannah, check this resource from RVC out:

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Hi @Heather ! Thank you so much for these resources. I had never seen the information about Data Relationships before and that was so helpful for this project. The explanation article will make it easy for me to share this and I will be suggesting running through the tool with colleagues.

Hey @nicsiri , thank you so much! I was reading through Nonprofit AF blog posts which was very helpful but I didn’t know about this tool! This is great and I really appreciate it.

You are most welcome, Hannah!