Equity: First Choices in Collecting Demographic Data with Equity ,,,Part 2?

Just watched the recording of last weeks session it was great but so many questions…is it possible to have a part 2 on this topic? Also are you planning to sharing the slides?


Hey @Artrese - thank you so much for your comment. I’ve attached the slides here, thanks for the nudge. Yes! I’m happy to do a part 2. Are you willing to share some of your specific questions with me so I can prepare some answers and set the direction? You can either leave them here or email them to me (heather@weallcount.com)

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@Heather Howdy, I think a few things I would love a deeper dive. Socializing the change in langauge that doesn’t center the “perceived dominant class” like instead of white and nonwhite the use of BIPOC and Non BIPOC. KGTBQ+ and NonLGTBQ+ , etc ( I can see folks pausing on this) also and easier way to both get to and explain Certainty and Fit. As I am facilitating a project that is trying to understand equity in and impact of referral networks I am going to try to gather important information, from those navigating with the least amount of resources, while trying to do the least amount of harm to and create benefit for these folks. So I am always looking for info to help do this. Also i may be me but I am not seeing the slides

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Hi Heather,
I can’t find your slides on this page… could you help me find them, or try posting them here again?
Thanks, Oak

Hi @OakSlater and @Artrese I’m going to try uploading the slides again here. Can you see them?

TDE Choosing Demographic Categories and Names.pdf (1.7 MB)

Thanks for the details @Artrese this is great. Let’s pick a date for this next conversation - would you be able to attend live either Friday June 16th or 23th? Also, what’s the timeline of your project?

Yes got it, thank you Heather!

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got it thanks for posting!

Either date works, because of the Juneteenth holiday that falls on a Monday i am working both fridays. however, the earlier date would be helpful since my project is trying to get all our research tools developed before july. thank you for this

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