Data Governance Frameworks, Heavy with Ethics

Hello there! For this question’s purpose, let’s define a data governance framework as a collection of rules, processes, and role delegations that ensure privacy and compliance around data management that focuses on a human-first ethos. My question - Does this group know any data governance frameworks that have a heavy data equity lens? For example, The Linux Foundation has this Data Manifesto with values and principles and many elements in the data equity framework get at establishing the ethics piece. I’m hoping to support data governance work at my organization with a data equity ethos. Thoughts?
Thank you in advance for any help!

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Great question @kmoosehunt - I don’t personally know of any such framework, but I’ll amplify this and see what we can find!

I am not sure if this will be helpful…But as part of our Data Governance Charter we adopt data equity principles. I’d be happy discuss further and compare notes!

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Thank you so much @SaraEaves , this is extremely helpful.