Data agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding

Hi all, I am wondering if any of you could share an example Memorandum of Understanding that is used in your organization that includes data agreement language. Recently, our organization is increasing our partnership with local entities to deliver our programs. We have frequent requests from partnering local entities about sharing the data and we realized we did not include data sharing language in the MOU!

Any resources on data ownership or on data agreement with communities and partners would help. Thanks!

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Here is an example from the PCORI Engagement Resources website: The PRIDE Study Community Partner Consortium MOU
You may find other examples on the PCORI resources page as well.
Feel free to email me for some other MOU resources


Great examples @Leslie thank you so much for sharing.

@suesingL I also have found this guide on framing a data sharing agreement from the Alberta First Nations Information Governance Centre to be quite useful.

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