Creating logic models with equity lense

Has anyone created a logic model using the learnings from the data equity training? I work in the non-profit sector and have been looking into ways to conduct program evaluations and lots of resources say to create a logic model. Or is there a better tool to use instead?

As a program evaluator - I love logic models! There is usually a box at the bottom for “contextual information” - I will often use this box also to elucidate assumptions about the program / logic model. I’m interested to read how other people incorporate equity learnings into logic models too!

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I also find logic models really helpful! A few things came to mind for me:

  • Develop the logic model collaboratively. How can the people the logic model is about (program participants, for instance, or at least program implementers) inform what outcomes matter to them?
  • To some extent it might depend on how equity-focused the goals of the program are. If the program is specifically focused on addressing inequity, then make sure the activities, outputs and outcomes reflect that. But even without that explicit focus, there might be value in trying to capture how different groups of people might experience the program differently - a sort of disaggregated logic model.

I’m eager to hear from others - I’m sure there are much better ideas out there!

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I hadn’t thought about using that section - thank you for sharing!

That’s a great point about the goals of the program - I’ll definitely keep that top-of-mind as I have conversations with our staff. And also, I hadn’t thought about developing the model with the program participants but it definitely makes sense. That’s a fabulous idea, thank you for sharing!

Hi Nikki,

This is a great question. Here’s another resource to check-out for equity related evaluations. . As a consultant/evaluator I see a logic model as a prereq. to evaluation–it’s the program directions or recipe, so we know what to evaluate.
The logic model itself can be developed through a process that centers equity–an equitable process should help ensure the result is a focus on equity–e.g. participation from diverse voices/centering those most impacted by the programming.
The link I shared above has more information on approaches to evaluation that center equity.

I have been looking into this resource that talks about the logic model development and gives some more flexibility to the model itself than the traditional boxes left to right. It speaks to the process of collaborative development of the model.