Communicating data findings with equity in mind

My colleagues and I recently published the Equitable Communications Guide. The Guide is designed for evaluators in the social sector, but has relevant lessons for anyone looking to improve their communications! The guide explores how to communicate equitably, center the experiences of others, and convey the meaning behind key messages.

Creating the Equitable Communications Guide was my team’s passion project; we wanted to communicate our data with equity in mind but struggled to find guidance on how to do that. So we did some research and compiled this Guide from the insights of many people across several fields, including research, marketing, and advocacy spaces.

We consider this guide to be a living resource, so would love to hear your feedback for how it can be improved and expanded as we strive for more equity in our data work. And I’d love to learn about other equitable communications resources we may have missed!

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Alissa! I love this guide, I saw a FANTASTIC presentation about it at AEA last year. The presentation also included the Urban Institute and Elizabeth Grim, so I’m sure you’re aware of their guides too? I also really like the NACCHO guide.

Great add, thanks so much for sharing! And I’m so glad you liked our presentation :slight_smile: - Jon and Elizabeth are contributing some really great thinking around equitable data visualization, gender identity, and non-violent language. Here’s a link to those resources for others reading this: