Civic Tech Developer at CTData

CTData is hiring a Civic Tech Developer. Here’s a brief teaser, you can learn more here. Please share with anyone you think would be interested.

Do you want to build applications that democratize access to public data? Do you want to use data for social change? Do you want to contribute to the field of civic tech?

The Connecticut Data Collaborative is looking for a Civic Tech Developer to join our small but growing remote-first team of data enthusiasts.

Since its inception in 2014, CTData has created various web-based tools and interfaces that show data and tell stories. For example,

  • Connecticut Eviction Map is an interactive map that aggregates tens of thousands of eviction filings in the state, and produces summary estimates by race and gender for various geographic levels.
  • Connecticut Traffic Stop Data (see link on the posting page!) platform provides access to information on millions of recorded traffic stops from dozens of police departments in the state
  • Housing Data Profiles (see link on the posting page!) is a one-stop shop for dozens of housing indicators in 169 Connecticut towns.