Citation for Data Equity Framework

Hello! We are writing use of the data equity framework and its tools into a proposal (yay!) and wondering the best way to cite this work? We use APA style in my field. I know y’all don’t yet have a journal publication, so curious how folks are citing it? Many thanks!!

Amanda, this is a great question! Following, because I’m also curious.

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I cross posted on the Slack channel, and Jennifer Garcia shared this: Hi Amanda, we recently cited the We All Count project (not the framework specifically) in the conclusion section of this paper. I just cited the website in accordance with the journal’s formatting guidelines. Not sure how helpful this is, but best of luck with your proposal!

I had already submitted our proposal, and used a similar approach to Jennifer:
We All Count. (n.d.). The data equity framework.

Ah, belated thank you! This is helpful, I appreciate it :slight_smile: