Citation for Data Equity Framework

Hello! We are writing use of the data equity framework and its tools into a proposal (yay!) and wondering the best way to cite this work? We use APA style in my field. I know y’all don’t yet have a journal publication, so curious how folks are citing it? Many thanks!!

Amanda, this is a great question! Following, because I’m also curious.


I cross posted on the Slack channel, and Jennifer Garcia shared this: Hi Amanda, we recently cited the We All Count project (not the framework specifically) in the conclusion section of this paper. I just cited the website in accordance with the journal’s formatting guidelines. Not sure how helpful this is, but best of luck with your proposal!

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I had already submitted our proposal, and used a similar approach to Jennifer:
We All Count. (n.d.). The data equity framework.

Ah, belated thank you! This is helpful, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Kate @amandallsutter for this conversation. We are so so aware that lots of people really want something more formal to cite when it comes to the Data Equity Framework. We were initially pretty resistant to devoting resources to doing formal “peer-reviewed publishing” since we were worried about investing in that hierarchy before we had enough roots in the community. However, we are starting to move in that direction and will keep you posted :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:t2:

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