Call for Evaluation Proposals: Mama Certified

Black women in Queens Village, the voices powering Cradle Cincinnati, expressed that they would value increased visibility into hospital efforts to address racial inequities in birth outcomes. This seed of an idea recently became reality with the launch of Mama Certified, a national pilot and collaborative project designed to provide Black parents-to-be with a way to assess and understand the maternal equity-related efforts of local hospital networks and to encourage increased efforts toward maternal equity by area hospitals.

Now, we are seeking an experienced evaluator to lead the evaluation of Phase 3 of the Mama Certified initiative.

Mama Certified launched after three years of planning with the first round of badges for local hospitals. Phase 3 Evaluation will focus on measuring the impact and effectiveness of Mama Certified as a collective impact initiative and tool. The evaluation team will work with the collective impact partners through Cradle Cincinnati, a collaborative effort between parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and community members with a commitment to reduce infant mortality in our community.

Purpose, background, project scope, timeline, deliverables, application requirements and materials can be found here: Call for Evaluation Proposals: Mama Certified — Cradle Cincinnati

Proposals are due Friday, April 19 at 5pm to

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