About the Show & Tell category

This is where our community can share and respond to ideas, happenings and news from a data equity lens. If you happen across something you would describe as “cool”, “inspiring”, “infuriating”, or “tragic”, this is probably the place for it.

  • Please link to the original thing when possible.
  • If links aren’t possible credit must be given.
  • If you are open to critical feedback, please say so.

Alternate categories:

  • If you have a question about something, instead of just sharing it, please put it under the Questions category.

  • If you are sharing a useful tool, document, link, or another kind of resource, please post it under the Resources category.

  • If you are selling, promoting or advertising something please put it under the Jobs & Opportunities category.

  • If you are sharing a story or difficulty you have experienced, please put it in the Group Therapy category.


If you are promoting or advertising something it must be submitted to the Jobs & Opportunity category, not here. Repeat violators will be banned as spammers. If in doubt, post in that category.

If the thing you want to show/tell is yours, that’s ok. We want to make sure that people have a place to demonstrate and be proud of their work. However, that thing cannot be for sale, be behind a paywall, be general self-promotion, or require any signups, personal data, etc. That’s advertising.

If you are sharing something that you or your team did, please make that clear in your post.

In general, this category should be used for sharing things you like that other people did.

If you are giving critical feedback, regardless of who is involved in the topic of discussion, please make sure that it is:

  • Asked for.
  • Useful.
  • Respectful.
  • Kind.
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