June 17 - Talking Data Equity with Rohan & Monica Alexander

Rohan Alexander and Monica Alexander join us for Talking Data Equity!

Questions, comments and the recording of the session will be posted here!

Amazing resource share from today’s session: https://tellingstorieswithdata.com/

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Resources for visualizing uncertainty in data a little more dynamically: Shiny - Gallery

From Manuela Marolla: “Tableau and Power Bi are excellent tools to create this type of interactive dashboards. On public.tableau.com, Discover section, you can find great examples.”

From Zelle Allyson Crawford:

“A relatively rare example of BIPOC community-led action on this issue: https://www.rootsbirthcenter.com/ What I’m concerned about is the timeline for knowledge to action in the US re maternal/nn mortality given current and long-standing data issues. Despite the gaps, how much “good data” do we need in order to act & move resources toward better health outcomes? Systems barriers to public health are often functioning as ultimately intended."