April 22 - The Radical Copywriter on Talking Data Equity!

Their work is about embedding equity in language and communications. They build resources about how to avoid trying to get it right by creating recipes for absolutes. And instead, help folx bring attention to a meandering and contradictory patchwork quilt of a language.

Join us live on Friday, noon ET. Registration is free!

Hello! Will a link to the slides as well as the recorded presentation be available? Alex had some awesome infographics, some of which I found on the Radical Copyeditor website and some that I could not (specifically one about being intentionally/appropriately specific) and I would love to pass along to colleagues. It was such a great session.


Hi @CKCD here is the recording of the hour. Alex has asked that we keep the video unlisted and so mainly accessible to our community rather than the general public. The slides weren’t shared but you can see them in the video :slight_smile: